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(see also Business Projects below)

These are personal projects of mine which I have made available for free use and download. Some of my art which previously shared a section with these in a Creations section are now in Art.

JdBrowser Start: A useful start page with lots of handy links, search forms (Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and Ask Jeeves), a dictionary, and a thesaurus.

Avatar Guide: Information on the different player races available in the Avatar MUD (a "MUD" is an online game).

Decivilization - A pencil-and-paper RPG (role-playing game), also known as a tabletop RPG.

The Fonetik Mode: An easy to write and read transcription mode for English (and can also be used for other similar languages).

Font Conversion Tables: A helpful guide for HTML authors converting font sizes from one size specifier to another. Lists and displays old school sizes (e.g. <font size="#">) and the CSS specifiers pt, px, em, and standard sizes (e.g. "medium").

J.R.R. Tolkien Information: A good reference to things in Tolkien's world of Arda: languages, Elves, the Ainur, the Valar, and some other miscellaneous notes.

Linux Resources: A list of links helpful to people new to Linux. Linux is a free operating system that is competing with Windows and Macintosh. It is primarily used for servers (most of the web runs on Linux), but is becoming very popular on people's home computers and is already more common than Macintosh on home desktops.

Shattered Galaxy Clout Table: A helpful reference when determining stat allocation in Shattered Galaxy.

World of Warcraft Races: A reference to race details to help determe which race to choose with which class in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft UI Mods: User Interface AddOns I've made for World of Warcraft.

Business Projects

These are previous web sites I've designed for my freelance clients (in alphabetical order):

Connecticut Spring and Stamping - Manufactures and prototypes all varieties of Springs, Metal Stampings, Fourslide, and Assemblies.

Fahlstrom Farms - Baking ingredients for amazing gluten-free foods.