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I'm a freelance web site designer from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. I'm in my twenties and recently finished a Webmaster Certificate and Web Site Design AAS Degree from Hennepin Technical College. My greatest love is web site design, particularly in coding top-quality HTML that follows strict standards, is easy to code, read and edit, and has powerful and attractive CSS-based designs. I'm looking for a steady job as a career web site designer with a design company, but at this time am still accepting freelance projects if you are interested in hiring my Services.

In my spare time I design fonts, backgrounds, music, game skins, Winamp skins, and sites for friends or activities I'm involved in. I am an avid gamer (most notably World of Warcraft), an occasional programmer (I have designed some World of Warcraft interface mods), a linguaphile (see my Fonetik project), a Tolkienite, and Linux enthusiast.