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I am a freelance web site designer based in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area of Minnesota, though I do work across the country. I have extensive skills in the Adobe Photoshop package (currently using Photoshop CS) and Macromedia Dreamweaver (up to MX), though I opt to use code by hand (using the Crimson Editor) to achieve proper coding standards and greatest power and flexibility.

I always ensure that my sites can be accessable to the widest audiences, so that no matter what version of what browser they are using, the site I design for you will be attractive, functional and compatible with future web standards.

For samples of my web design, visit:



  • Decivilization - A pencil & paper role-playing game (a.k.a. tabletop RPG).

If you have questions or are interested in hiring my services, please contact me.

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