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New page: World of Warcraft Mods

Sunday, March 27, 2005

I got World of Warcraft when it came out in November, and have been playing it in all of my free time since. It's a fantastic game, and has many great user interface modifications made for it with Blizzard's great interface modification flexibility. I've somewhat recently caught the modding bug and begun making my own mods for things I found other mods to be insuficient at achieving (in the case of my JDHP mod) or where mods simply didn't exist for the idea I had (in the case of my JDAssist mod, for which everyone just used clumsy macros).

And so I now unveil my new World of Warcraft Mods page. I've posted two mods which are without bugs (JDHP has a minor quirk, but unless you're a druid infuriated by delayed text coloring when shapeshifting I don't think anyone will care), and teasers about my coming mod suite.

Also, I have unfortunately had to disable comment posting on the new page and items. They're not gone permanently, just hidden and unable to be added to. Some horribly annoying spammers made some tool that will post "comments" which are actually adds for gambling sites. I know that poker (and probably other forms of gambling) has become very popular lately, but things like this will just make people (like me) loath gambling. Way to go, spammers. At least Google has a plan to stop in with cooperation from MSN Search and Yahoo!. Maybe I'll re-enable comments some day, but I think I'll avoid trying that for at least a couple more months.