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New Winamp skin: Nami from One Piece

Thursday, June 17, 2004

I've recently become a big fan of the anime series One Piece. I've also been meaning to make more Winamp skins, since my page here has only had a measly one skin for quite some time. Thus, I give you my new Winamp skin: JdNami. Enjoy!

Update: There's a new version available. I made changes to the areas in place, and finished everything but the minibrowser and the AVS window. I need sleep now (it's 3:44 AM), so I won't finish until tomorrow or Monday.

Update: The full version is now online, and has all elements (except cursors) skinned.

Update: I now also updated my old DpWinamp skin (which is now named JdWinamp, to match my new online alias). It has the Winamp 5.0 elements skinned.

Yet Another Update: JdNami has been improved, and an error I made was fixed. It's now also available in two editions. One for people who want to see the Volume, Balance, and Presets buttons as usual, and another for those who want an uncluttered Nami image.