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Added a new theme; made CSS fancyness crazier

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I now unveil "Solid", my new theme. I really like this one, and am very tempted to make it the default. However, for 800x600 users the Miscellany dropdown is mostly hidden behind the Change Theme header, so I'll keep it as an extra theme, at least for now. They could still just click the Miscellaneous link to get a list of what's in the dropdown, but that's not good enough for me. I was able to modify the z-index of the Change Theme box, but then I couldn't click on the theme changer links, since the browser considered the invisible dropdown as being in front of it. I tried using float, but that yielded some slightly skewed ugly results.

Part of this update involved changing the navigation to be made up of a true HTML unordered list. Thanks to the ultimate funkyness of CSS, this list still looks exactly the same in the other themes as it used to, and they still contain the old About Me, Links, and Contact links, while the new design has them listed under the Miscellaneous dropdown, and an additional Contact link was added under the Services dropdown. *sigh* I love CSS...