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Saddam Hussein Arrested

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saddam Hussein has been arrested. While he is an evil man, I'm not very overjoyed to be honest. George W. Bush has proven himself much more of a threat than Saddam ever was. I don't know how Bush has managed to avoid being impeached. He's lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, he's lied about Iraq having links to Al Qaeda, he's pushed for bills to destroy much of Alaska's nationally protected environment in favor of harmful oil drilling, he's lied about being environmentally-minded while giving the lumber industry a bill to cut down have the forests (which he has the nerve to say actualy protects the environment), he's given large tax cuts to the wealthy claiming it's to benifit workers (here's a little secret: Just because they're making more money doesn't mean they'll give people raises. Especially in a time of resession.), is trying to destroy overtime which, if it passes, will mean a crisis for many professions we rely on (the ones I saw testifying to US senators were a police officer, a nurse, and a military engineer, all saying why their job areas would not be able to function without overtime, and the quality of all thier work would suffer dramatically), passed the hideous "Patriot" Act (which actually strips away many of our freedoms - last I checked being a patriot meant standing up for freedom, not oppressing it even among your own people, which sounds more like fascism to me), and he's still trying to make people think that Saddam had some sort of connection with Al Qaeda or 9/11, even after he went on national television admitting that there was never any evidence (in fact, there was evidence directly to the contrary, since the CIA always knew Al Qaeda and Iraq never got along and hated each other).

Miserable failure indeed. Chances are frighteningly high that he could be a more evil man than Saddam, and yet he not only hasn't been impeached yet, but somehow stands a chance at reelection. Sometimes my own country makes me sick.

So I wonder what the weather is like in Canada. I hear the liberty is nice there this time of year.