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Browser Start and HTML

Monday, October 27, 2003

I've updated my Browser Start page (a page of useful links with search engines and other resources at the bottom) in a few ways. I've updated a couple links (nothing major there, except the removal of one section which hasn't been replaced yet), and changed the name to JdBrowser Start, as opposed to the old DpBrowser Start (Dp was short for my old alias). I also added a new search engine box for the great Wikipedia.

On a more technical side, I also updated Browser Start and my web site itself to use HTML 4.01 Transitional standards. I had to step outside the standards on a couple minor issues to ensure proper compatibility, but considering how close to standards I can now be, it shows how much farther standards are these days than they once were. Much fun. :) And of course I will finally be able to code all my future sites in proper standards. Hooray for browser compatibility. Now if only Microsoft's IE would get with the program...

Update: I found a way to get around the minor issues without damaging compatibility, and even found ways to increase compatibility, and now my site looks almost pixel-pefect on even Netscape 4. I'd test for IE 3, but Microsoft doesn't allow you to download older versions of their browsers (they probably don't want anyone to remember just how horrible it was).