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New functionality

Monday, May 26, 2003

Well, it seems I'm just full of ideas for stuff to do. Just two days since I implimented a whole new design, and I'm already making big additions on top of that. I've been thinking for a while that I wanted to set my news page up to be dynamic, so I could easily add more news posts, and thus update more often. I was thinking I'd use the InvisionBoard Forums (I've already had some experience with it making and maintaining the Deciv forums), but it seemed like there would surely be an easier way. So I decided to look in to the idea of getting some blog software, and see if there's much customizability in any of the free packages. I came accros the blogware Greymatter, and wow, he did a fantastic job on this. It has extreme customizability, it's small, it's fast, it doesn't use any fancy server-intensive databases, and it's easy to use and add new news. Very nice.

This means a few things:

  1. You can link to a specific news post by click "Link" which appears after each news post. This is a page which will always have that news post, and can be bookmarked, linked to, etc.
  2. People can now add comments to news posts I make. (see the "Comments" link at the right below each news post)
  3. Old news is much more easily viewed en masse in the News Archives, which are much nicer than the old method.
  4. News is now searchable. If you came here before and looked at something I mentioned, but can't find it now, or maybe want to see if I mentioned something before, just do a search with the search box at the bottom of this page.

Any comments? :)