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No More Delays - New Name and Design

Monday, May 24, 2003

I've long since been wanting to leave behind my old alias of DeadPete (a name which originally came from an art project of mine way back in junior high), but I've never known what else to go by. Being as extremely precise about naming as I am, it's taken me a while to agree with myself on one. However, now that I've chosen, one thing is obvious: it's a lot better than DeadPete.

Sometimes I think I'm too good at web site design. Not in the sense of real talent, but I go way too fast at accomplishing what I want. For instance, this design took about a half an hour to make, including compressing the images for the web, and making the layout in HTML (it was later followed by another half-hour of tweaking). My current charge-by-the-hour model for when I do professional work may please a lot of customers because of my speed, but I'm not making enough money to sustain myself. I can't stand to go any slower, because that would be cheating and I wouldn't be able to stand it. Raising prices I am loathe to do, as I know that lower prices will attract more customers, since they never realize how fast I am until I do it. If I tell them how fast I am, they'll think I'm just going to throw together a poorly done site in five seconds and call it done. A painful dilemma. On the upside, each of my customers has been very impressed, and told me that they were going to recommend me to others (and those others are also happy with their sites).