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Minor Large Changes, "of the Month", Old Netscape, Removals

Monday, November 27, 2002

I've never been very pleased with how narrow my site looked on high resolution computers. That is now fixed.

Overall, I think the (slightly) new look adds a lot to the site. As you can see, I now have a couple new mini-sections on the left below the navigation. I've added a quote, which I will update every so often, and five "of the Month" thingies (woah, watch out for that techie jargon). All of those links on the left are worth serious looking in to if you are at all interested in their corresponding section. [Note: this feature has since been removed, but what follows is a run-down of what was once there during that time]

  • Saying that, I must also say that Spirited Away is a far better movie than you think. It sunk the Titanic for a very good reason. (pardon the pun)
  • The Silmarillion was just plain amazing. Tolkien could have turned any 20 to 30 pages of that in to an epic on par with The Lord of the Rings on it's own. A lot people complain that it's like reading the Old Testament, and at the beginning it kind of is, but once it gets going, it's just awesome.
  • The musician Tweaker (a name which refers to the idea of tweaking music until it's just right over a long period of time) has created some fantastic music. The song Linoleum (free MP3 from the official site - they also have the cool video of it here) I can't help but sing along with whenever I hear it, and it's a general rule with me that I don't sing along with anything, because I'm an awful singer, and I don't like to hear me, but with this song I just can't help it. The song Microsize Boy (another free MP3 from the official site) I would sing along with if I knew all the words, but that's okay, because the voice distortion on that song is awesome. Oh, and both of those songs are extremely different. different.
  • As for John Howe, he's just an incredible painter of Tolkien's works.
  • Errant Story is the new web comic from Michael Poe, the creator of Exploitation Now. Near the end of the story-line (Yes, it actually gained a story-line after a while. A cool one, too.) EN became a very cool story-driven strip, and it looks like that's how ES is going to start. Now, sure, I liked the old EN strips, but the last couple months of it I loved. Errant Story could be damn cool (in fact I already love it). Not to mention that during the period that Poe worked on Exploitation Now he's become an awesome artist.

One thing of note: this new design does not look properly, or even work in the old Netscape browsers (4.x and before). Support for those browsers is something I've always had in the past (my last design even looked perfect on Netscape 2!), and I'm not sure if this is necessary anymore... If you want support for the old Netscape browser, e-mail me. There's also a minor issue with the news and page headings when viewed on very low resolutions (e.g. 640x480), but I wanted to get this up, and I'm too tired to fix it tonight...

I have also removed the Diablo 2 strategy guide, since there have been many changes in the world of D2, and the great majority of the guide doesn't apply anymore, and the next D2 patch will supposedly change things even more.