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Ogg, DpBrowser Start, and how to block pop-ups

Monday, November 10, 2002

Well, it's been a while since I've posted any of my music, and whether or not today changes that is up to you. It's more of an experiment, really, but I know of at least one person who might be interested in it, so I figured, what the hell. It's an Ogg Vorbis file, but don't worry, Winamp should play it just fine. I think Winamp has had support for Ogg for quite some time now, so if your copy of Winamp can't play it, you should probably go download a new version anyway. Check out my "song" here.

Also, I've finally gotten around to updating DpBrowser Start (the main updates being the additions to the Online Comics section, and the J.R.R. Tolkien section). I'll be doing some more updating, and restructuring of it soon. I should also soon have an ad-free version available (damn, those pop-ups are annoying). [Note: DpBrowser Start is now ad-free!]

In the mean time, if you don't want to see pop-ups, check out Mozilla or Opera. To set Mozilla to ignore pop-ups, go to the Edit menu and click Preferences, double-click Advanced, click Scripts & Plugins, and uncheck Open unrequested windows. No more pop-ups. In Opera, go to the File menu and click Preferences, click Windows, and change Accept pop-up windows to Refuse pop-up windows. (note: some sites actually use pop-ups for functionality instead of ads, if you find a site or link that isn't working, it may be trying to open a pop-up window, so don't forget where these options are in case you need to change them back) Don't bother asking me how to do this in AOL or IE, because they don't have these options (but that's okay, since no one should be using those browsers anyway). Oh, and unfortunately Netscape can't do it, thanks to AOL restricting them from it (note: Mozilla and Netscape are for the most part the same browser aside from this option).