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The Third Bad News Post In A Row

Monday, April 26, 2002

Well, there was recently an obscenely stupid ruling in a court case recently. The misinformed Judge Limbaugh made a ruling for heightened enforcement of computer and video game ratings restrictions. This in itself is not a bad thing. I'm all for game ratings enforcement. The problem is that the ruling was based on the absurd idea that video games are not speech, and therefore not protected by the first amendment. I hope Judge Limbaugh was looking to start a war, because he just got one. If this beloved medium is regarded as not being protected by the first amendment, it will be open to all sorts of legal attacks, and could be of great harm to the industry, and it's future. Not to mention that it's insulting to the intelligence of gamers everywhere. Penny Arcade has a report of the situation. Read it, and make with the letter sending. And remember this: sending angry letters will only worsen the situation. Remain calm, and flood them with mail in an orderly fashion...

America is seeming less and less appealing by the day... Stupid Americans...