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The Music Industry is as Sharp as a Bag of Wet Mice

Monday, November 30, 2001

Okay, now this is just rediculous. I thought these people went to school, or were in some way educated? Well, apparently not. Would you pay $10 a month for 30 MP3s that you couldn't move anywhere ever? Lots of people these days have MP3 players - can't copy it there. Maybe your other computer has better speakers? - can't copy it there. Horrible computer problems and you need to copy everything to a new computer - whoops, not those MP3s, son. Man, these people are daft. I'd say boycott, but there's no need for encouragement, it has already begun. Check out this article at ZDNet and read the poll at the end if you don't believe me. I've been getting news from ZDNet (and that fool David Coursey - don't believe anything nice he says about Microsoft, people) for years now, and I've never seen a poll have more than 70% of the votes for a single option, until now with a landslide 92% in favor of ignoring the music industry completely. Another 7% said they're not in favor of the idea, and a pathetic 1% said they'd bother with it.

In other news Dark Age of Camelot is the next Everquest. To all my pals on the Bors server in Midgard: we really do rule, don't we? Kill them Hibernians good.