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Diablo II

Monday, June 19, 2001

Diablo II is in the air... The D2 expansion, Lord of Destruction, is expected in approximately ten days... It's becoming quite painfull to wait, seeing all the great screenshots and hearing so much about it. the art for the new areas looks truly beautifull. Can't wait to be overlooking a cliff atop Mount Areat as a druid with his wolves by his side... On another note, I have a dual leech ring that's up for trade:

Email offers to [old e-mail address removed]. Offers MUST EXCEED 3 SOJs.. You can also bid on the ring here [old URL removed].

Calling all Necromancers: read my Necromancer Strategy Guide (only applies to pre-1.09 D2) to make sure you have a clue what you're doing! Hint: if you have more than one point in Raise Skeleton, Raise Skeleton Mage, any points in poison anything, or hit things with a weapon, you need this guide!

Download my newly upgraded dice rolling program here.