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Minor updates and refinements

Monday, May 10, 2001

I've added some enhanced CSS coding for people browsing with IE and Netscape 6. Some of it only works in Netscape 6. All of you people who say IE has more support for technologies (specifically CSS), are now officially proved wrong.

In honor of using CSS to bring my site out of the dark ages, I have added a "Best viewed with Netscape 6" button on the bottom that I quick whipped up. It seems bit to be and intrusive for me, though, so I'll have to refine it. I'm also somewhat worried that the CSS enhancements will make my page lose some of it's level of simplicity, which I like so much. We shall see in time...

DpBrowser Start is now available online. I will add the downloadable version, as soon as I get around to making an installation for the new version...

Can you believe that although I'm adding enhancements for NS 6, I still haven't gotten around to leaving NS 4.77? :)