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Excellent, nothing is going according to plan...

Monday, April 7, 2001

Well, now not only is the address not my page, but it's an ad for some dumb new gaming site [looks around for something to break]. Damn Communist-Nazi-pot-smokin'-hippies, put some pants on and get a job!

Anyway, I'm looking for another host, and any suggestions would be helpful. Right now I'm looking at NetNation. Ugh, I need some money... Dammit, Fallout: Tactics still won't work in Multiplayer... [Fumes and narrows eyes, wishing for Bill Gates to die a horrible, horrible death]

I still need to get some sections and downloads up, so stay tuned, and i'll get something done. Same bat-channel, same bat-time. Well, maybe not... Whatever...

Reason to hate Microsoft # 54,717:
And a funny comic about it: